A downloadable game for Windows

Build with prisms, pyramids, antiprisms, and more to create whatever you can imagine.


  • [WASD] to move
  • [Mouse]/[Left Mouse Drag] for 1st/3rd person camera
  • [Scroll] for first/third person
  • [Left Click]/[Right Click] to place/break shapes
  • [Q] rotate shape
  • [E] switch face
  • [I] and [J] for shape/material inventories


  • A few materials and a larger variety of shapes, some of which can tessellate.
  • A custom-made character model.
  • There is no way to save (yet, but is planned for the next major update).

'Continuous' updates will be on this page (i.e. constantly adding features, in the same vein as Minecraft). I'm also hoping to eventually move toward a separate website, and some eventual price. Bugs/feedback/etc. can be posted here.


Homebound_v0.2alpha.zip 16 MB

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